The best from industrial automation for your munitions


For over 30 years deep inside technological innovation


Advanced controlled systems for the highest performance


Optimization of the whole process and no waste of raw material


Quality Shoot comes from the synergy between Quality Tools srl and S.E.P.A Snc, two companies with Headquarter in Italy and operating all over the world really fond on technological innovation.

Quality Shoot, technology and innovation for ammunition industry

Quality Shoot produces and designs loading, printing and packaging lines for hunting and metal ammunition and shot shells. We’re proud to introduce FLEXA, the innovative loading line with automatic waste system and high quality components.

Many years experience in the design of complete lines and industrial automation

Development of automatic lines for ammunition loading, printing and packaging

High technology machines with a real automatic waste system

Always searching for the best innovations

Why Quality Shoot

We build up complete, high efficient automatic lines that requires low manual intervention

Our experience

We’ve been working for over 30 years in industrial automation and in the production of loading and packaging lines

What we offer

Innovative technologies for loading, printing, packaging hunting and metal ammunition. The whole process in just one machine


Fast and efficient customer service. By your side from the installation to the maintenance, both for our machines and for lines from other manufacturers.

Installation and training

We install the machine and give you the proper training to make you immediately independent


Scheduled or extraordinary maintenance on our machines and other manufacturers ones

Spare parts service

We supply any spare part, both for our machines and those from other manufacturers


Machines equipped with industrial router , for diagnosis and a real-time assistance


The innovative complete automatic line for loading, printing and packaging hunting and metal ammunition.

Production up to 13,000 pcs/h

High performance machine with no need to shake material inside the cases

Real automatic waste

The machine never stops: it ejects defective parts without wasting raw material

Electronic control

Electronic management of translation systems, table and powder/lead dosing and main engine

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